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Solar panels with vacuum tubes

Make the most of the sunshine in order to have free hot water throughout the year!

The solutions that we offer are as simple as they are efficient, thus, we offer you 3 types of solar panels for water heating. We offer 3 types of solar panels for hot water: solar panel with non-pressurized vacuum tubes, solar panel with pressurized heat pipes, and pressurized solar panel with separate boiler.

Such systems have good performance throughout the year, including during winter thanks to the automation we offer, an automation that includes a temperature sensor, electrical resistance, level sensor and an external controller that manages all these elements to ensure suitable temperature for the hot water regardless of the season.

These are high quality panels, they are designed to function in spring-summer-autumn (March-October) or throughout the year.

The investment amortization time with these panels is usually between 1 and 2 years from the time they start functioning, operating on profit many years after installation.

Our company sells solar panels, offering the following services: installation, start up, service/ reparation and maintenance on a regular or yearly basis.

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