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Photovoltaic water supply system for agriculture

Water has an overwhelming influence on the existence of life. There are regions where electricity networks cannot serve all the needs of communities regularly. The reasons may vary: infrastructure problems, difficult landform, or the financial incapacity to connect to a power network.

In these conditions, the photovoltaic water pumping systems are becoming more popular and used to irrigate these areas.

If the power grid is more than 0.53 km away then the water pumping system becomes an economically efficient solution.

Electro-Solar Timisoara provides agriculture irrigation systems with photovoltaic panels and solar submersible pumps in wells or fountains, starting from large depths of 310m and daily flows ranging from 7-8 m3 to 450 m3 / day!

The photovoltaic water pumping kit is simple and depending on the required flow, it can be made of one to 10 photovoltaic modules, a MPPT pump controller, and the submersible pump connected directly to the photovoltaic panel. The way the system works is simple: as long as the sun is out, the energy produced by the panel is transmitted directly through the solar pump controller, which pumps the water to the final destination, whether it is a storage tank, directly to the plantation,  vegetable garden, the lawn irrigation, farm animals, or even tap water for daily use.

The system is professional, high quality and efficient solar pump, leading to low consumption. The controller has several protections including short-circuit, overvoltage, under-voltage, idle, low power, lack of drilling water, full tank, lightning protection.

In order to avoid the pump running empty (drilling without water), a float is necessarily set up in the water (it comes with the whole pump pack), it connects to the controller and it disconnects water pumping when its level approaches a minimum that would endanger the running pump. Optionally, another float can be installed in the storage tank, which stops the pump from running when the tank is full. Thus, the system can be fully automated.

Example: SSPA24-30-1
Submersible solar pump:
Qmax (max. flow) = 8 mc/day
Hmax (maximum pumping height) = 30 cm
Pmax = 80W
Weight = 7 kg
Pump diameter = 76mm
Pump output = 3/4 ”
MPPT controller with various pump and controller protection functions
Photovoltaic panel: 1 x 230W

– Drip irrigation
– Storage of water in tanks /pools
– Water supply for animals
– Ensure farm water
– Irrigation of vegetable gardens
– Lawn irrigation
– Irrigation of solariums, greenhouses, etc.