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Photovoltaic power grid installation

This product is suitable for reducing electricity costs in cities or in rural areas. The system is optimized for the Romanian market, with an excellent quality / price ratio and real benefits for the individuals.

It is an off-grid system with solar accumulators, but which has the possibility to connect with the existing electricity grid and thus manage two sources of energy.

Depending on the consumers in each house, the photovoltaic system is sized so that during May-September the energy produced by the photovoltaic surface will be sufficient to provide the necessary energy for the household.

The last generation “smart” inverter uses as much energy as it has available from the sun, “adding” energy from the grid to meet the domestic energy demand. This way, during the less sunny months, up to 30-50% solar energy can be added, the rest being consumed from the grid.

Taking into account that there are only 3 months / year considered with lower solar resources in our country, we can see a real benefit in using this compensation system, because throughout summer, the energy consumption from the grid is reduced to 0!

This is particularly cost-effective, especially since the price of electricity in Romania is still low, but there are many discussions about the significant price increase year after year.


– Zero expenses with electricity during spring-summer-autumn.

– back-up batteries that support up to 50% of the house’s capacity.

– UPS function if the power grid is interrupted, so that the house does not run out of power in critical situations.

– reliable system, components manufactured in Europe.