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Off-grid photovoltaic installation/system

Romania is still a privileged state of the EU in terms of cost of the purchased electricity. The price of a kWh bought by an individual in our country is approx. 50% compared to the cost of the same kWh in a country like Germany or Italy.

It is estimated that in order to get in line with the European trend, the price of electricity from the national grid will increase significantly in the next years, thus the price might double compared to the current status. There is a growing tendency regarding the production of electricity for our own consumption, with the help of photovoltaic installations and not only, eg photovoltaic installations, photovoltaic systems with diesel / gasoline generator, photovoltaic system with wind and / or diesel generator, photovoltaic with hydro, etc.

Independent or off-grid photovoltaic systems are extremely suitable where the possibilities for connection to the national electrification network are reduced or there are none at all.

These systems are simple and work based on sunlight. They are composed of a photovoltaic surface (one or more photovoltaic modules connected in series / parallel), a charging controller, deep discharge cycle solar cells, a sinusoidal pure wave inverter for classic home consumers, a protection fuse box, cables, and so on.

Electro-Solar Timisoara offers consultancy services, system sizing, turnkey sale and installation as well as the startup of the photovoltaic system.

Additionally for mountain areas, forests, shade from other buildings or objects, we propose the energy compensation system produced for winter months or when the solar resource is low (eg when it snows) with a gasoline / diesel electric generator. It can start automatically when the battery power drops below a predefined value or manually starts only when needed.

The photovoltaic / electric generator cogeneration system is a very efficient system that works in many households not plugged to another source of electricity.