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Industrial lighting lamps with the best efficiency on the market

What do we think about when it comes to efficiency in lighting? Low energy consumption? Stronger lighting? We propose to think of both at the same time! Yes, it is possible … a stronger lighting with significant lower energy consumption!

The concept of “cost-reduction” is increasingly used by most corporations worldwide. At the same time, this concept defines a trend, that is, mankind wants to be more efficient both in producing energy and consuming it.

Our LED lighting devices are produced locally in Romania and are the perfect solution for the cost-saving tendency. Our LED lighting lamps suit perfectly for heavy applications in industrial environments, inside factories, workstation lighting, special operations, outdoor lighting and outdoor security, and there’s more, as they are also suitable for night-time lighting for stadiums or for ski slopes.

The cost-reduction concept, from which we started the lamp design.

The efficiency of our lamps comes first of all from the LED we use. For these lamps, we use OSLAM leds (world leader) for the Oslon Square type, thus we can measure a unique lighting efficiency on the Romanian market, which is 135 lm / W! This number means a lot. The normal LED bulb lamps / projectors on our market (most likely made in China) typically do not get past an efficiency of 60-75 lm / W. With a record high efficiency of 135 lm / W, our lamps are able to produce the same amount of light with half of the energy consumption of the normal bulb lamps on the market. Why would I use a projector that uses 70W if I can get the same lighting power (maybe even more) with a lamp that only uses 25W? Why pay almost three times the energy for the same light?

Therefore, Electro-Solar Timisoara offers the following lighting devices:
Lamp LED 230VAC, 50Hz/ 12Vdc – 12W, 1620 lm
Lamp LED 230VAC, 50Hz/ 12Vdc – 25W, 3370 lm
Lamp LED 230VAC, 50Hz/ 12Vdc – 36W, 4860 lm
Lamp LED 230VAC, 50Hz/ 12Vdc – 50W, 6750 lm
Lamp LED 230VAC, 50Hz/ 12Vdc – 60W, 8100 lm
Lamp LED 230VAC, 50Hz/ 12Vdc – 75W, 10125 lm
Lamp LED 230VAC, 50Hz/ 12Vdc – 90W, 12150 lm

Applications: street lighting, indoor lighting, industrial lighting, nocturnal lighting, fixed lighting for facilities, security and standby lighting, etc.

Our LED lamps have a lifetime of 50,000 hours, much higher than the economical ones, based on inert gases or the classical incandescent leds.

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