Stalp solar pentru iluminat exterior

Our company has the pleasure to offer you the perfect product for efficient lighting. Produced in Timisoara, with European components, the Solar Pole for lighting meets the highest operating requirements.


Solar panels with vacuum tubes

In a modern world based on energy efficiency, the heating solutions with the help of vacuum tube panels have become a common practice in our country as well. Find out more!


Photovoltaic water pumping system for agriculture

Water has an overwhelming influence on the existence of life. There are regions where electricity networks cannot serve all the needs of communities regularly.


Off-grid photovoltaic installation/system

Independent or off-grid photovoltaic systems are extremely suitable where the possibilities for connection to the national electrification network are reduced or there are none at all; or where the target is set to have minimum or even zero electricity cost.


Photovoltaic power grid installation

Photovoltaic off-grid installation with network connection reduces the energy bill to 0! This product is ideal to reducing electricity costs in cities or in rural areas. This system is optimized for the Romanian market, with an excellent quality / price ratio and real benefits for users!


Industrial lighting lamps

The efficiency of our lamps comes first of all from the LED we use. Our LED lighting devices are produced locally in Romania and are the perfect solution for the cost-saving tendency.

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